Weight loss in the New Year

Even though Christmas isn’t over yet, you might be thinking of your New Year’s Resolutions. If one of them is to do with loosing weight, I might be able to help. In the New Year I’ll be running a selection of workshops, courses and individual sessions specifically for using EFT to assist you to loose […] Read more »

Shopping Fatigue

I was talking with a friend last week about the evils of Christmas shopping. She’d just had an unsuccessful browse in a shop looking for some more presents for the kids. She hadn’t enjoyed it, “I can’t think of anything to get them! They’ve got everything anyway!” We spent an enjoyable five minutes bemoaning the […] Read more »

Arguments can damage your health

I came across an interesting article from the New Scientist magazine, Arguments dramatically slow wound healing, in which researchers in the US have demonstrated that having a 30 minute argument with your spouse can delay healing time for a wound by up to a day. In addition, hostile couples were estimated to heal at only […] Read more »