How To Stop Imaginary Arguments With EFT

Rome visit, June 2008 - 57 There I was, all alone, just minding my own business, typing away on the computer. I wasn’t doing anything particularly demanding and my mind was just wandering.

Later that evening I was expecting to meet a friend, lets call her Molly, and I idly imagined how our conversation would go.

I had just found out that a plan of mine wasn’t going to work out, and I imagined telling Molly how it had all gone pear shaped.

As we ‘talked’ in my imagination, I imagined her response to the news, somehow it sounded critical and a little patronising. “Hey, just a minute, that’s not fair!” I thought, getting a little annoyed.

Have you ever had imaginary arguments?

Preparing for conversations that are due to happen later, or rehashing conversations and arguments that have already occurred.

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Pain & Stress Relief Workshop

I’m running a one day workshop for the Northumberland Cancer Support Group at Cancer Bridge, nr Hexham.

The workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to EFT
  • Using EFT to relieve pain and physical discomfort
  • Introduction to ZPoint
  • Stress relief with EFT & ZPoint

I am one of the support group’s volunteer therapists and I’m very interested in the use of these kinds of techniques to make life easier for patients and their carers.

The workshop is only open to members of the support group. However if you are interested in this kind of work please get in touch.

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