TV Therapy

I fainted in a first aid class about 10 year ago. It was at my local St John Ambulance Brigade, in a hot stuffy subterraean room, at least that was my excuse. We’d gone through blood and gore, burns and shocks, this morning we were due to do broken bones. As the lesson started I […] Read more »

Dealing with Difficult People

We’ve probably all got people in our lives that we’d rather not see, a difficult colleague or family member – the kind of person that makes your heart sink, you hackles rise or your stomach churn. Here’s one way of dealing with difficult people and the reactions you have to them that I’ve been experimenting […] Read more »

Lighthouse Blues

I frequently look after Jamie, a good friend’s four year old, either minding him at home, or going out and about on adventures. About six months ago we visited St Mary’s lighthouse at Whitley Bay, perhaps you’ve been there? It’s an impressive sight, a short walk along a causeway gets you to the surrounding buildings […] Read more »

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Making Progress Slowly with Back Pain

A few weeks ago I was away attending a three day NLP training. I’ve stayed at the same B&B a few times. The last time I stayed my landlady, let’s call her Mary, she mentioned that she was having trouble with back pain. I mentioned that I new a procedure that may be of help […] Read more »

Composting for beginners

If you’ve had a rough day, you might decide to put your feet up and unwind with a bottle of Chardonnay, or a box of chocolates, a couple of hours of TV. It’s nice just to forget about those troublesome events, put them to the back of your mind and relax. However, you may have […] Read more »

Ten Tips for Surviving the Health Care System

by Shelle Rose Charvet “The good news is that your condition is pre-cancerous. The bad news is that it is untreatable and I strongly recommend that you have a mastectomy.” “I’m sorry, what did you say was the good news?” The doctor’s mouth continued to flap open and closed; I know he made sounds, but […] Read more »